Project Team

Sarah Williams

Principal Investigator

Wenfei Xu

Project Lead

Shin-bin Tan

Research and Data Analysis

Michael Foster

Database Management

Xinhui Li

Ege Ozgirin

Web Development

Zhekun Xiong

Data Analysis


Changping Chen, Xudong Sun, Dalma Foldesi, Amber Guo, Elena Vanz


This project has been generously supported by a grant from the Sam Tak Lee Real Estate Entrepreneurship Lab in the Urban Planning and Real Estate Centers at MIT.

We would also like to express special thanks to the people who halped us and provided us with valuable feedback on our in China: Huang Huaqing, Professor Long Ying, Yuan Shuai, Professor Zhuang Ning, the China Academy of Urban Planning and Design, the WSJ China Bureau, Northeastern University, the Shenyang Urban Planning department, Tong Biao, the Shenyang Real Estate Planning Committee Meeting, Vanke, China State Construction Company, Li Jijun, Yu, Yifan